Cookery – a kind of witchery

Think about it: Cooking is the only form of sorcery that is still allowed and so widely practiced right under our noses…literally.


In The Cookbook Collectors, Matt and Ted Lee very aptly note, “-and through the sorcery of heat and ingredients, take a trip…” as they describe cooking from cook books as akin to long distance and time travel.


Now it is not everyday that we make pots and pots of potion like comfort soup…but the enthusiasm that everyone has towards food, that has to be magic. In an overwhelmed society where we are not excited about anything anymore, you can get almost anyone to salivate if you just get your food on.


And the people who make this kind of food are revered with the same awe that we would sorcerers, were we talking about the time when witches were revered and not feared and killed off. But since witch craft today has mostly been reduced to having a presence on Pinterest alone, most of us think it doesn’t exist anymore. But open your eyes, it is in every house. People who don’t know how to do anything, will brag about this one thing that they make that will blow your mind. How exactly is this thing that is made with meat, vegetables, fruit and spices really blowing your mind? I don’t know, but it generates loyalties and passion like it is Ron Paul.


In every little shack in every little corner of the world, there is someone stirring something that brings hope and joy at the most basic level. This is our currency. We have been running, settling and paunch growing for years now and this is the lowest common denominator. STILL. We haven’t evolved to the stage where we can live off the atmosphere, breathe in minerals from the air, survive on ideas and art and use food for sustenance. We are still in the dark ages. And it is not food that you buy from a vending machine in a parking lot that does it either. It is the bacon wrapped smoking hot dog at the street corner, it is the sweet dabeli that is melted with some amul butter, it is the rasam rice that mom gives you in bed when your cold won’t go away. That is our kryptonite. We will never be rid of it. DISGUSTING!