Never Neverland

Far away, deep in your imagination, there is a magical place. And even though it is well within you, it seems to be apart. Everyone can be part of this place. So in a way, it is the portal to a different dimension, a world in which you do not come as yourself, but your child-like self. This place is called Neverland.

This is a place where innocence runs and hides to when evil in the real world threatens to snatch it away. It is a place where the secret hopes and dreams can scream and shout from the rooftops and let everyone know because there is no judgement. It is a place where dancing in the rain doesn’t give you pneumonia, where flying in the face of the sun doesn’t scorch you and where touching fire doesn’t burn you.

It is not a place you can be yourself, because you can be so much more. So what is so wrong and abnormal about Neverland that you never let it be a part of this realm. Why do you call it Neverland?

In the real world, in this realm, innocent dolphins die, pregnant prisoners are raped and flies sit on starving children too weak to swat them away. A real downer, isn’t it. Now add to this punch-you-in-the-gut-steal-your-pants downer, the fact that I am an empath.

Let me elaborate. This means any pain that is felt and communicated immediately turns into my pain. You could be in agony and never utter a word and I could be our nurse and I wouldn’t feel a thing. But you could prick your thumb on a thorn and if you let out a cry, I will feel more pain than you felt. It is not physical pain exactly, but quasi physical in nature. I feel the mental trauma of the pain and a little of the physical discomfort associated. Children crying after hurting themselves, a person giving birth on TV and furniture that sigh and creak…I feel it all. All of these cause me a lot of stress.

So obviously when I watch news or read about the pain, it gets communicated to me on a non intellectual plane. It is pretty much a curse unless you are a massage therapist or a counsellor. I would have liked to be in hospice care. But I couldn’t take it. Starving children, sexual abuse, chronic poverty, human trafficking, infanticide, slavery, child soldiers…I just cannot take. Drug abuse, homelessness, conservation, health, training, education…I can take. Which is why I am where I am.

So when you (you know who you are, but probably aren’t cool enough to get the link to my blog from me and thus may never read this) tell me that my thoughts are child like and I need to get serious, all I have to say to you is:
The world is plenty serious. You have let it strip away your shine. But I will not. If I need to, I will protect myself by taking a swim in to the pool of wonder in this place that you will never ever reach, my happy place, a place you call Neverland.