Superbowl is the time for friends and commercials!

I watch all the Superbowl ads like any good marketing student should do. And once a marketing student, always a marketing student. Ok, here we go:

What makes a good superbowl ad?

Beer, car, Emotion, AMERICA? No. Simplicity and good visuals. Whether you are in a bar or at a friend’s superbowl party, you cannot really hear all the whispered words that make the ad or break it. And if you are all alone, this is the ad for you:

Ok, I am definitely the target audience for that one: DIYer with no interest in the superbowl! We are a nation of DIYers and if you think that is the only thing that makes this San Franciscan patriotic, you are wrong. I cried when I saw this before I realized my citizenship status.

And while every Superbowl, I wait for the Chrysler ad and expect goose bumps, I think Maserati forgot and made a similar ad. Of course the words would have proved otherwise, but no oneheard ’em. Still, brilliant ad.

Ok, who thinks that kid was creepy? Cue in ‘cute kid’:

Speaking of kids, Full House was there:

How are these guys still relevant in this cut throat no contract world?

Ok, back to Full House. I remember Bob Saget as the best TV dad. But, this guy just took that spot and just because dads are awesome, this ad makes the cut.

And so even though that ad made me feel warm and fuzzy, this Chevy ad made me cry…

…but not as loud as Morpheus here.

Unfortunately, the only commercial that would have made any dent on the booze addled mind is this simple visual one…and of course it is ding ding ding ding ding…Bud Light!

Honorable mentions to: H&M for the body (ahem) wear…

and Bank of America for being so invisible and so beautifully subtle:

But then, this ad just got SUBTLE so right that my list ended here.