Which organization does not have problems? Everyone does. The challenge is to rise above them and find solutions. Education like any other faction has its ups and downs. This is a story of such ups and such downs: a story that has at some point of time touched each of our lives. The reason I tell this story is that it is a tale that needs telling and has been for too long let to languish in the fertile minds and busy folders of educationists. It is a story of education in all its forms: micro, macro, meaningful and most of all, essential. For anyone who thinks education is necessary, this story will ring true. For the ignorant, this story hopes to show the way. Spread this story, follow it, live through it and see how for each problem there is an innovative solution.

Workscool, a management consultancy for educational initiatives brings you this story. Due to the closed nature of the education fraternity, many a knowledge management opportunity is lost. Workscool has worked with some institutes and faced problems similar to the ones in this story. Travel into the world of Workscool with this story …a fictitious story, with real problems and….real solutions!

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