Lavanya’s Laws of Logic

I share a relationship with my blog-readers. This relationship is similar to one with a close relative…you know the kind you spent your childhood with. So every time you see them, you feel bad and promise on your life to keep in touch, but don’t. You sincerely mean it, you ask for forgiveness and even work up a schedule. But something gets in your way and you feel bad, The more the days pass, the less the sting and then one day you think, ‘I used to blog’. Well, just remember, I am always thinking of you.

No one takes your shit like your parents do….except for your grandparents and some unsuspecting guests in expensive clothes

What’s the big deal with it being a four lettered word? Is it the 13 of numbers? I mean….Considered taboo by the world, and loved by America?

You see these people who are bad human beings, yet get everything they want? It is because they are focused on what they want. They are not confused about their choices or in between personalities. They are at peace with what they are and what they choose.

I like knowledge that I get from experience, not degrees….I like to be like Marissa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny.

I was a big thin liar when I was young. I was also a very sharp minded little girl. Somewhere around that time, I had a personal achievement and as I had worked so hard on that, I let myself rest. I don’t think I have stopped since….stopped resting that is. So there is proof that I saw success pretty early on in life and also realised that there was no big deal to it. And that started my life’s conscious journey. One thing is certain: I was not born this way.

Cynicism kills

Marriage is communism…the have-its work for the have-nots. The wife is endowed with multi tasking abilities and provides for the dysfunctional husband. What makes it communism rather than bad luck is that both parties know and understand this.

There may be a 100 people online on Gtalk, but you will want to chat with just 1: the one who is offline.

If the Europeans are the ones who populated America, why didn’t they bring the same plugs as they have back home? Why flatten the round things and then make them go out of stock.

What is it that makes people get up everyday morning? What is so enticing that makes you want to leave the warm and loving folds of the blanket and plunge yourself in the harsh cold outside? I am told, it is the nature of the quest that man’s life is that makes him want to get out there and struggle. While for some that means calculating the answer to life, universe and everything, for others it is the promise of endless coffee till they can permit themselves to rest again. For me, it is the promise of a hot shower.

I think people say there are bears in Yosemite Camp sites so that campers will pick up all the trash they litter, fearing the bears

The most dangerous type of person is the one who won’t give himself a chance

Love grows by giving. Only when someone is not around anymore do you wonder how much more love you COULD have shown and how less you CHOSE to give.

A lesson McCain could learn from the CAT exam – Never change your strategy at the last moment.

The only Banks making any money in today’s economy has Elizabeth as her first name

This Halloween, I went dressed as an unfashionable person. Everyone in Los Angeles got scared.

I know what plagues this generation. It is balloonitis – the combination of obesity and hollowness.

God is like a star cricketer. We like him when he plays well. But once he starts appearing in movies, that’s it…

The height of redundancy: Best by date on a chocolate bar

There is a reason they don’t have the Presidential Inauguration in warm and sunny Los Angeles.

If Obama didn’t like America so much, he and I would like practically be the same person.

God is a cheap bartender…next time go to him with your problems.

Everyone is born with a bunch of sleep points. Through life man trades in it…he chooses to stay awake for a match, he gives up some points. He chooses to party out, he loses points. These points go to other people through random distribution. So thank you Deepak for all the late nights you put into work…my eyes have never looked better 😀

I am not different, special, brilliant or refreshing in any way…I am just getting younger. I am like Benjamin Button in a normal body.

I finally found the key to the American accent. It is not that they extend all ‘a’s or shorten all ‘u’s. No, this is how it works: They take a word and play around with it in their mouth. They come up with various ways of saying it and then they zero in on the one that sounds the best. Yes, it always has to sound good, not too vowely, not too consonenty, not too exotic and never too abruptly ending. It has to have a nice feel to it, it should be easy to stretch and it has to use the whole mouth. The process is like a kid trying out a new gummy bear.

I live my life by one motto and one motto alone: “Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet.”

Uneasy lies the head that has all the ideas

It is the duty of the enlightened to educate the ignorant – Modern Chinatown Proverb


3 thoughts on “Lavanya’s Laws of Logic

  1. Hi Lavanya,

    This Ravi Akilla, ur MDI batchmate.

    After a really looong time was just doing some googling on MDI when I chanced upon this blog of urs…

    Very well written I must say…

    Hope you are doing fine and wish you all the best….


  2. there are bears at yosemite…..and if u want some more answers to the questions of the universe read “Code Name God” by Mani Bhaumik, interesting read.

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