About Me

The facts:
I live in SF, which is in California. So I DO live in California. But, the beaches are south of here…so no, our summers are not spent in bathing suites.

My beliefs:

  • I believe the greatest change (internal and external) can come from education: the right kind of education. I have seen abject poverty, misery and inequality and I have seen the tranformative power of education change the trajectory of the future of many lives, albeit over the long term. So, knowledge is the “Answer” according to me.
  • I am a green nut. So if I get you a gift that is packaged in newsprint, just thank me for keeping the earth clean and don’t roll your eyes.
  • If you come to my house, do not expect me to stack you with tissues and napkins, in the hope that you might need them. If you want one, ask for it. Or else use the clean kitchen towels.
  • If you come to my house and leave the lights on in the restroom or other rooms that you wandered into (ok, who am I kidding, we have only 2 rooms), I am going to form a opinion about you, and you don’t wanna know it. So practically any waste of any kind is frowned upon, but you will never know it.
  • I travel by train and bus because I hate the idea of polluting the air for my daily needs like grocery and library. But yes, we will take road trips because flying is even worse. And before we become secluded hermits, we shall buy a hybrid.
  • It kills me to walk slowly or wait for the elevator.
  • I believe totally and wholly in the concept of faith. I am 0% religious and 100% spiritual.
  • I have been praying to get fat from the age of 20. I finally achieved it 2 years ago and I am unable to complain.
  • I want to establish an educational scholarship with the money I make from my work. So for all practical purposes we are a single earner family.
  • I am a conservationist and it goes beyond water, food and energy.
  • I talk my mind. If I am silent, it is because of respect…because I always have something to say.
  • I love to talk about myself because I find it so exhilarating that I know so much about some topic.
  • I hate talking bad about people over a certain age.
  • I think all moms are great cooks and cooking is a hormone you produce after child birth if you didn’t already have it.
  • I think kids are good fun and one cannot expect the fun to last.
  • I am an adventure ride warrior. Love them and cannot get enough.
  • I have been blogging since 2004 and I hope, I won’t be needed to explain a lot of this stuff to the jury.
  • I used to think I am just like everyone else. But normalcy is a ship that has sailed a long time back.

Now, for the part where no one else thinks I am like them:

  • I am not a girly girl and I would rather spend time talking shop to men than stand around the kitchen discussing recipes with their better halves.
  • I denounce smoking, pot, gambling, races…basically anything that you consider fun would be a no-no.
  • I don’t wear leather, but I have a purse my room mate bought me and I will always have it.
  • I don’t wear silk, but my parents asked me to wear it for my marriage and promised not to bring it up again.
  • I don’t eat meat, but I am not vegan.
  • I don’t like fireworks for the air pollution part, but if I think the world is going to sink anyways, bring it on.
  • I don’t like wooden furniture (because they use wood which comes from trees and trees have better uses), I would rather have kick-me-on-my-shin-stub-my-toe wrought iron around the house.


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