When plates and people move

I have been doing a lot of geology lately. No that is correct. It is a study/discovery of solid earth. And though not a geologist, I did do some studying and I learnt that Santa Barbara was turned 130 degrees to become what it is today. I learned that the earth plates are always reforming, not just moving. I learned that plate tectonics (somethings I have always taken for granted as a given) is a very recent science. And speaking of recent, my side of the earth is so recent that if the pacific plate wasn’t rubbing her in the wrong way, this post wouldn’t have been born. Imagine that!

First, I heard Tanya Atwater talk at the Randall Museum about plate tectonics. She spoke about the wonderful world of western US geology. She also showed us the animations she has made and I spent hours watching them. You can have a museum dedicated to just these animations. Please watch them. All of them. You are welcome.

Then I went on a geology tour of San Francisco and we covered how all the hills and islands were formed and where the rocks underneath our feet came from, how much was covered in sand dunes, where the ships were abandoned and how much of San Francisco is filled in. We walked from what would have been 50 feet under water in 1848 to the shore line that started at Market and 1st st. I also learned about how the 1905 earthquake was seen as an opportunity for fire preparedness and that’s how Hetch Hetchy got dammed and all the wild life in it got damned!20140917_190846

And then I learned that we would have been almost in time for the next ice age, if we weren’t messing with its climate in such irreversible ways. And that’s when I came across the map of San Francisco 200 feet under water by Burrito Justice. And then I saw it everywhere I went. It would seem that sea level rise is not some thing only climate people think of. They had the above map for sale at Local Take. There is a mural on Church and Market that shows San Francisco in a post deluge environment. Notice the ‘After the Deluge’ Cafe.

Well this was my take away: it doesn’t matter, all evidence points to us being a beach front property in 40 years. So when the plates collide, the tsunami takes over the low lying areas and you are on the lookout for some solid Chert to hold on to, you can rest assured knowing you have friends in high places.


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