Weight weight, don’t tell me

The obsession with being thin is not lost on me. After 27 years of being borderline anorexic (not through any fault of mine), I enjoyed 2 glorious years of plumpness. Everyone commented on my weight gain because it was just odd. I have never been fat and here I was quite well rounded and looking like I was wearing a fat suit.

Then a few things happenned and I am back to 115 pounds now. And even though I don’t mind the compliments I get from my female friends, I find the attention to weight disturbing. Yet, the are a few things that I thought are well worth sharing. This will convince you that losing weight is real simple…or really impossible. So go on, read and snort:

1. I was never fat. A lot of weight loss on later life is made simple if your metabolism is used to keeping a lower weight. Your constitution mught change dramatically if you are a woman of a certain age. So, don’t yearn for a Paris Hilton body and starve yourself.

2. I hated food till I lived in a hostel. This is a very important point. I never involved myself in the kitchen, did not know what raw food looked like and generally mistrusted anything green, orange or not sweet. If you do not enjoy food, it is difficult to really overeat.

3. Ok, apart from things that make me weird, here are the other things I do to remain thin:
– Resting after food is a bad idea. Walk around and don’t sit down immediately.
– Try skimmed milk. It is difficult to get used to, but it will go a long way in reducing your weight.
– Nonfat yogurt, milk, feta cheese and cheese spread will keep you from the saturated fat cheeses for a while.
– Have a heavy breakfast, a good lunch and a very light dinner. It is difficult when you are working, but making dinner your main meal will only make you lethargic. An alternative is having small sizes of meals spread out through the day. But since we don’t live with mommy anymore, no one’s gonna make them for you.
– Have dinner early. Even if you are still at work, finish the eating part of your day a least four hours before bed. When you wake up, you will be really hungry to have that huge breakfast.
– There has to be an element of exercise in your day. If you played as a child, you should continue. I never saw a playground, so I haven’t really exercised much as an adut either. I know I know, I’ll start tomorrow….

Just like you will!


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