Hello, is anyone listening?

Everyone is talking about it…everyone sees what’s going on. But no one other than the earth really has the time from their busy schedule. It is like a dull banging at the back of the head – like a reminder to go to the dentist or the gym. You know it is there, but you’d rather ignore it….for now.
FOR NOW? Not to sound like a lunatic and an alarmist, but maybe we need to plug the leak when the hole is still a small one. I do not have that much faith in humanity to think that we’ll think of something eventually. Maybe life on the moon.
Ok, let me recap a little. There are floods, earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes happening all over the world. The world is a huge place and thus, no one person can feel the impact of even two or more of these things. And put together only around 5% of the world’s population faces  these natural disasters…which makes it even harder to form into metrics and statistics. But you do not need me to give you the numbers to realize that over the past 2 years, you have been reading about a lot of literally ground-breaking events. This has to mean something. Maybe our FOR NOW isn’t going to be too long lived.
Unfortunately, the only people interested in talking about this are unbathed people with boards outside churches, cult leaders, moon-space sellers and conspiracy theorists. I am sure the scientists are busy finding a cure for this immunity problem the earth has going on before it sneezes that big sneeze. But I am scared more than any of you because of a teeny tiny birth defect: malformation of survival instincts. So when there is fire and floods everywhere, my natural human qualities wont kick in by themselves. The information will be sent to my brain and we all know how that ends. I am the one in a sorority horror flick who walks into the trap the killer has set because the other rooms looked empty. And I figure, I may as well have company.
I am sure it is your instincts that tell you not to worry about these things. You’ll probably handle it when it comes to that…cross the bridge and all. But what about the instinctively disabled (Yes, I am calling it that)? Who will prepare us for DEFCON 1? Anybody there? Or am I stuck with a megaphone tuned in to a frequency only I know?

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