And ’twas never the same

I have moved from LA to SF and there’s no looking back!
Anoop, you were right!
How do I like SF compared to LA?
Well, let’s see…
  • SF is very white and asian. Where are my black people at? And….WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE DESIS?
  • Even downtown SF is safe at 9pm…ok, a guy asked me for change, but I had the nerve to turn him down. Downtown LA at 9pm, it’ll be a different kind of conversation.
  • LA….beaches, sun, sand, Hollywood…I do not really remember anything else. Its true then…all these perceptions about Southern California…these things really do stay with you.
  • SF is old. Old is gold and they did have gold at one time. Now the digging is mostly on busy streets so that people will use trains instead of their cars
  • They have street cars and cable buses in SF that were phased out of LA in the early years when Betty White was still a PYT.
  • The public transport in SF teaches you patience. The public transport in LA teaches you to drive.
  • In SF, everything that Briney Spears does, doesnt become news and I have no clue what’s hapenning with Lindsay Lohan. It is a little unsettling that not all the world is as concerned about Hollywood.
  • I can look at a scene from a movie and tell if it was shot in LA and where in LA it was shot. But in SF, it’ll take me forever to master the whole town.
  • That could be because of the super slow street cars. It is like a bail gadi but enclosed and thats the only reason everyone rides that instead of walking. Enclosed = warm
  • When I looked out the window in LA, it was always warm and when I went out, I would think I should have put on more sunscreen. In SF, when I look out it looks warm and then I step out and the sun hides, the wind turns it up and suddenly I feel I should cartwheel my arms to produce some clean wind energy.
  • In SF, we chose to not install cable. Aaaaah, the pleasures of seeing only what we want to see and not having streaming crap available at all times. I think I can hear the ocean. In LA, you wouldn’t dare tivo modern family to watch the next day. What’s Tivo? It’s another word for pregnant.
  • In LA, to stay so close to the water, you need to be Charlie Sheen…here, there is water everywhere. I can take showers that last more than 5 minutes (which was almost illlegal in LA).
  • In SF, no restaurant gives straws for the water. What do they expect us to just drink by putting our lips to the glass? Animals!

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