Being an island

While God made man a social animal, he did not make all men crave society equally. Some couldn’t live without their family and others could not wait to get away from  their brethren.

But the ones who live in seclusion either by choice or fate have always had it harder. Yet people all over the world who really just want happiness go and try to pursue this dream of isolation. But isolation is nobody’s friend.

What is so friendly about avoiding contact to avoid conflict. What is So great about refreshing and loading your  facebook page? What is So amazingly liberating about lying awake stimulat ing yourself with external media till your brain goes dead so you can sleep? What is admirable about having no body to wake up or come home to?

I have never been alone a single day. I was never a loner or a recluse. But I wanted this release. Somehow, wanting to be alone when you are younger makes you think you are sticking it to the man. It is the all too familiar rebel mantra. Atleast for me it was.

So let me know how you brave souls survive not hearing a human voice in the hours leading to sleep. Explain to me how the extra pillow is support enough when your stomach is cramping. Also tell me this – after all the seclusion and isolation has been achieved, who are you sharing your achievement of individuality with?

There must be a reason this path is a way away from happiness. Maybe we are not meant to be alone- that is why we don’t have the tools to deal with isolation.

Disclaimer-Husband out of town, I therefore am down.


2 thoughts on “Being an island

  1. try to have a good company…try to go out..try to ask people to go out… fail..try..plan on getaways..plan on events..plan…seek… pick at the end of it all, smile a lil for good times..
    being alone is just one part of it..having to lose your friends bcoz u keep moving is the time you come close to somebody, you have to leave..
    but sometimes its good to be alone coz then u r in a world embracing mode..once u get tied with strong bonds with a few people, u start insulating urself from rest of d wotld..coz u looking to create a small world of your own..thats how religions and castes and sub-castes start coming..
    it is also good to some extent to make efforts to you should not make your life over convinient with facebook..
    so maybe I am doing the right things…I dont know..who cares..billions of people..even if one is one is stupid and crazy…how does it matter..

  2. i could not stay alone for more than 2 months… yet was fated to be abroad for 5 and in godforesaken poona for 2.5 yrs.. though i cud alway go bk every weekend… it was isolation i cudnt stand…

    on a lighter vein… didnt kno u had a duplex there… who told u to go down? come back upstairs… 😛 be grounded there till the ridder of isolation, or the instigator of need for isolation (dont kno where deepak fits in ur bill), comes back 🙂

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