It is just a little weird when people ask me why oh why would you want to leave this wonderful country and go back to a country where:

Beggars fill the streets

Pollution fills the lungs

Men shove and jostle you in lines

Rich people are still succumbing to dengue fever

Water borne diseases are everywhere…

Now, I am not saying there is no difference, because if that were true, I would like living here. But the problems are everywhere…I cannot quit on something because it has problems.

Yes for some USA is a god sent release from micro managing parents, annoying inlaws and lower standard of living. But if that was the reason you live 10000 miles, why fake a connection with a place you don’t really like to begin with? Why call India once a week, wear a saree on Diwali, make ready made samosas, watch cricket on the internet, arrange bollywood themed parties, talk about how corrupt Indian politicians are, wonder why India can’t have such clean streets and hatch detailed plans about what US inspired business you will start once you go back.

And when exactly is that? When US doesn’t need you anymore? When you get the pink slip? When you realize that India has huddled masses that will make for a great market for your company? When? And if and when you do go back, let us see how many of those entrepreneurial ventures you will start or even take part in. Let us see how many non profits you will voulnteer for if it is not needed in a college application.

Why would anyone want to live in a place where they cannot be themselves? And you don’t become yourself just by changing your location. If you were waiting to come to the US so you could wear trendy clothes, go drinking at any time, smoke pot and swing, then there is something so deeply wrong with that, I wouldn’t want to comment without consulting your shrink.

So do me a favour, if you love living here, continue, God knows India doesn’t need more skeptic cynics. And when you finally get thrown out and only India will take you back, do not invite me to your thanksgiving dinner.


4 thoughts on “India

  1. I agree with you Lavanya.. I study in Ireland and the Indians here are always criticizing India. I just can’t understand why these people behave like good citizens abroad and when they go back to India, they don’t give the rules a damn…

  2. good article. I like the way you have voiced your feelings, good flow with a hint of comedic sarcasm. Nice. But it would be worthwhile to consider that some Indians come to USA so they can financially support families back in India. Its not easy to educate your young siblings and provide money to your parents while on an Indian company’s payroll. Not all have the privelege of saving up hard earned money for higher studies or any kind of personal enrichment. So, for those who fall in this category, I dont think there is anything wrong about wearing sari on Diwali or watching cricket to relive nostalgia.

    That being said, I myself dont hold any particular bond with India. Though born to Indian parents, I was born and brought up outside India and travelled most of my childhood. The only memories I have of India are the oaccasional visits to my grandparents or the 5 year stint in Chennai working with Infosys (good times…great city…sigh, memories abound). But I have always wondered why even tie yourself with one country . When will we as humans rise above the ‘my country is great’ stage and become global and look at every country/people with the same compassion and patriotisim we show to our birth country? What matters is your action…for example, if you love charity work involving children there is nothing wrong in doing charity in US if you are here. Or in India if you happen to live there. The children you are helping here or there are in need of help. And thats all that matters. So maybe we should consider rising above the ‘my country’ level and focus on our actions no matter where we are located. Just my thought.

    On a sidenote, your blogs are good reading. Spunky, humorous and very insightful at times. Keep it coming 🙂

  3. Lavy,

    Ennachu. Ore senti thought?

    Anyways I second your views. There is a saying that ‘East or West; Home is Best’. People tend to forget it for their own fancy greeds.

    Hope your message and a good thought reaches many ears and endeavors to bring some (radical) renaissance.

    Deepak Vasudevan

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