I’m surfing the Google Wave

It could be that I am just a geek and that is why my heartbeat started racing when I got a Google Wave invite, but c’mon these are exciting times. Amazing softwares, genius companies outsmarting each other all for us, fickle customers. Don’t want to sound rude, but our generation: we are tech-sluts.

Now, what is Google Wave? Way too many people have said it better than I ever can, so Google it. But I experienced a phenomenon so rare that it hardly happens once a year…and I experience it twice today. First I chanced upon Yahoo! Pipes while trying to figure something out at work. I was furious that no one had told me about it. I hadn’t even heard about it. And all this after trying to crack Joomla. Joomla is so deceptively easy that it rivals Ubuntu in making your head spin. And then Yahoo! Pipes is so intuitive that I wanted to start coding something, just for the heck of it. And after I retire, play some Wii and eat, I go to check my email and there I see an invite from Google Wave. That’s it: my day has been made.

Google Wave could stink and it’ll still be something I use. I am all for the underdogs – Yayy Jacob Black and all that, but when it comes to Google, there is no way I am not flying with the leaders. Just today, I created an intranet site to keep all my stuff together on Google Sites. Agreed, their netware isn’t perfect and leaves a lot to be desired, but for software junkies like me, there has to be something new and exciting. Excel is old, Google Squared cuts it. VB is passe, Google Forms is awesome. MS Access is boring, my own little piece of code embedded into my iGoogle page is rocking. So I know some of you don’t yet have Google accounts because your email id has been with you since forever. But you don’t have to check your email on Google, just have an account and please provide it in your contacts page. It would be so sad if I cannot invite you to barbeque because you did not tell me you had a GMail account.

And then there is Twitter and Facebook. I mean, what more can a geek ask for. Ok, I can think of a few things, but I am quite happy with the turnout today. A world full of endless possibilities and free software…boy! am I going to be poor the day they start going Premium on me.


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