I am not feeling cultish

My meaning of the word ‘cult’ refers to small break-out cultures that have a following. I wonder how cults started? Did someone get pushed around too much? Did existing cultures try to just snuff out the individuality from one person? Was he the only one who could see the other light? And once he saw it, he could convince others to do so too? Most cults were started with noble causes…it is the following, the followers and what the feeling of being followed does to a brother that corrupts it. While most cults signal ‘don’t come too close’, is there a cult for everyone who wants to break free? Or are we just a society full of people trying to break free? Is everyone feeling this way but not talking about it? Is it manifest in the many status updates that are about #hateboss #mykidsdrivemecrazy and #mywifeischeating? What if everyone is struggling to burst out of the culture that like the womb keeps us inside a semi transparent sac so thick that we cannot break out of it till the right time? Is the culture protecting us? Sometimes when I see a stoned teenager, I know that my Indian crab background has kept me from doing foolish things. But it has also kept me from doing some awesome things.

But let me tell you about the time I broke out of the sac. And it is not that I am dreaming or I just made the inside of the sac feel like the outside with wishful thinking. No, I chose to break out and risk it. That kind of risk can only come with great belief and faith. And those two things I have in plenty. A belief that I was meant to be on the outside, a faith that I will not be left stranded without protection. But the support is no longer there. What is funny is how I can see those inside and no amount of logic can get them to come out. The sac has a door and it opens inwards…but everyone is pushing against it, so there is no way it gets swung inside.

The world outside is beautiful, free of judgement, free of unnecessary emotions, free of futile pettiness and most of all, free. It comes with a price…it gets lonely, because anyone who comes out doesn;t want to create another sac that soon. But give it time and there will be another one just like the one we escaped. As strong as the need to belong is, the need to not feels stronger here. One needs to belong only to one class: human kind. And most of us do not even do that: we fight like animals, do everything to meet our most basic food needs, we eat other living loving things, we engage in predator mind games, and we get our kicks from stealing things that are not ours.

I think if we all belonged to the human cult, that would be nice for a change. Yes, it feels good to be part of a church, it is amazing to have your frat brothers and sorority sisters at your wedding, the free Mason meetings are a blast and Indian food at an Indian wedding feels like a part of heaven. But why can we not think of life as a long long distance train that goes in a squiggly circular pattern? The stations repeat at times, but it is only for some time. Why settle in one place and think you found your heaven even before you start exploring? Enjoy the little pieces of belonging, but don’t belong to the pieces. There is no room on this planet for more nations to be formed. It is time to mingle, cross breed, mix and match and break that wish bone in two.

Aladdin has freed the genie and the genie doesn’t even know it. That is sad.


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