Lavanya Who?

I notice it for the first time here. I am standing between the travel and biography aisles of the library and trying hard to concentrate. But the more I try, the better I notice the carpet pattern. My mind is not switching on at its usual speed. I had picked up a Frommer’s guide to Washington DC as we are going there next week and I turned to see a auto biography of Bill Clinton. The Frommer’s guide in my hand had a picture of Abraham Lincoln’s statue. The heuristics buzzed without a second’s delay. The connection was made. Both ex presidents. And then I remembered how I used to get Clinton’s name confused with the Microsoft guy…

That was when the alarms went of. The Microsoft guy? Why am I calling him that! Of course, I know his name. Heck, I spent half my college life maligning it. But it doesn’t offer itself to me.

I try. I keep saying Microsoft and Bill to myself over and over again hoping it will stumble out of my sub conscious because it is no longer a part of my conscious memory. I look around. No free computers to go and search for Microsoft + wikipedia. I’ll get the name in an instant. As I search my brains and say Bill…Bill…all I can remember is that some chip designer melded the words ‘Bill Sux’ on to the microchips in very minute lettering. Is his name Bill Sux? Bill .. Something small. Something very generic. Bill Sux…Bill Gates. (the buzzing stops) Yes, that is it. 9 minutes and a blog post later, I remember. Wow, either Bill Gates is totally out of the public eye or I am showing signs of amnesia. And I can prove that I contracted it from my pet who has conveniently forgotten that she ate health food till last week.

On a more serious note, everyone please get tested for Alzheimer’s. It is going around and we aren’t getting any younger.


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Entry scheduled to be posted on Sunday, August 31st 2059.

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