And…I am blogging about it

Ok, so ever since I installed Linux, I have had to go back to Windows to use Windows Live Writer for blogging. Not these blogs but my official ones. It was a perfect piece of software built on an imperfect platform and obviously they weren’t making a Linux version of the same. It ran seamlessly, connecting me to all my 7 blogs and it felt real, it was what the term WYSIWYG was coined for. The background of the blog, the tags used, the passwords, it remembered everything. I was sure it was a means to taking over the world – get everyone addicted to Live Writer. But anyone who has tried Linux will tell you: switching back to windows is really bad for blogging morale. So I sought an alternative on Linux that will kick Live Writer’s ass. But sadly, no ass kicking ensued for very long. I have tried the following, all with the same results (Sucks, sucks bad, does not even load, not compatible with Ubuntu)
w.bloggar (I cried when this happened)
ScribeFire (Oh, the suckiness)
Gnome (what were they thinking)
and many more that have slipped my memory.

For some of the above, I installed Wine so that windows programs can work on Ubuntu. I was willing to have the devil’s OS tippy toe on my godly OS just so that I could have a decent blogging experience. This is how we end up in hell.

Every post on every forum written on this topic had the same disappointing theme. No one had found an alternative. And Linux communities are more close knit than the Veerappan posse. So I tried thinking back. When I didn’t have Writer, what did I do? And I remembered, I used Flock. It is a browser that is perfect for social networking and also has a blog editor plugged in. And then I went through another low. What if they didn’t build Flock for Linux? So with my nails bitten and fingers crossed, I searched for it and low and behold! It was there. It downloaded and now I am writing a post on it. Damn, my slow memory! But the lesson to be learnt: Sometimes old habits need to be resumed. Not everything new is great. If we can cut through the cloud, we can see clearly what plagues or eludes us. And lastly, Windows can bite me.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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