Is your paunch showing?

It is that time of life when the muscles you exercise most start showing, isn’t it? The years of unhealthy food catch up with you and centre themselves in the middle of your torso all because you have a computer/desk job. I am sure that not too far from now we will have computers that can be activated by an ab-press or stomach crunch. But till then this is the way it is going to be. We will reach a certain age and start looking like what we dreaded when the nice caricature artist asked us politely if he could draw us. Of course we said ‘No!’. But the mirror, my friends, lies seldom. So the only alternative is to suck it up and pull ourselves together.

Now back to me! Whow! That was a long break. Now when it comes to staying fit, I have had an advantae for 25 long years. I was one of the Gilmore Girls. I could try, but I would remain thin, energetic and buzzed. I wouldn’t drink anything unless it had ice cream as the main ingredient; I wouldn’t touch a pastry if there wasn’t wipped cream on it and I would find myself incapable of appreciating anything low-fat. Then quarter life crisis hit. The thin flew out of the window first, soon to be followed by energetic and abuzz. I was so jazzed for a while about not being a scare crow that I forgot that I had to start maintaining my health. It was no longer a given.

So after a lot of consideration and rude looks on Hollywood Boulevard, I finally said, ‘It is time to get fit.’ Now, most pople need just a little exercise to keep fit. If we start before we hit 30, there is still hope for us. I am not talking about being thin. Been there, don’t that. Never want to go back to skinny land again. Nothing fits and everyone tries to feed you. I am talking about not clutching your heart after climbing 4 floors.

So with this blog as witness, I call upon you fellow readers to embark on the fitness mission. Some of you may already be on that road…I’ll catch up. But for those who think they still got time, you don’t. Don’t wait another day.

You don’t have to get a physical trainer, join a spinning class or enrol yourself in a marathon. Try what I do: Gym thrice a week, a splash of Yoga, a hint of swimming and a nice cardio-risk-it-all hike on weekends. Yup, I do all of that. Most of the time that is. Hey, I am quite sincere about this. Its not like I am writing this post while doing cardio…ok, I totally am. But, see I am exercising my fingers and my heart at the same time 😀


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