California Dreamin’ on Woodstock Day

Play this while you read. If you are hearing it in office with headsets…careful, involuntary movement of bodily parts may occur.

Maybe it is the time in history..what with  it being 40 years after the Woodstock festival that I am getting in the mood for real American music. Maybe it started with a visit to the Grammy museum.They just had the most amazing collection of genres and everything sounded so beautiful. Also being there, American music became a real living breathing thing.

Now unlike most people, I never really did try to listen to foreign music. My carnatic music teacher was very clear that she didn’t want us spoiling our vocals screaming songs. My friends in colleges tried to make me listen to what they thought was great music: Bryan Adams, BonJovi, MLTR. Then in MDI, my room mate introduced me to more metal and hard rock. I would obediently listen to what everyone else listened to because I had no sense of it. And I really thought all American music was pop or loud.

Now unless you were daft like me, you would have heard some stuff growing up. I always loved Hotel California (I was in a hostel, one has to hear it a million and one times there), but after coming to California, it feels more real. There is something about the songs that mention California…they all have the same nostalgic feel to it. And then I thought: When I leave LA and I hear these songs, I will break down because after all, I am a mushy past dweller.

Songs have always had a weird power over me. I don’t like too many songs. Radio stations drive me crazy because they mostly play stuff I hate. But the ones I love, I get obsessed with. So I listen to it 700 times and then I want to puke. One can say, I o/d on songs. So I need to find new ones that keep me sane. Once every 2 months, I find a new one.

I have tried to connect to many people through songs, but somehow no one likes the kind of music I do. Its like a fingerprint. No two playlists are alike. But I know that if I try hard enough, I will find more songs I would like. Please tell me which songs I should listen to. Your obsessions, the songs that make you crazy. I am waiting with my Ipod.


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