Damsel in Distress

Yahoo and Microsoft are going to take on Google. Ha! Big guys fighting other big guys. All for fickle consumers (cannot even say customers without my marketing-educated tongue having a whip lash). These “free” consumers who like hapless damsels in distress look on with their wide eyes as the hero beats up the villain. But she is going home with whoever wins the fight. Do these software companies really think Google plays on the same ego turf as they do? And Yahoo and MS have entered a 10 year deal in which the first effects will be seen after 2 years. Ha! Who says Google will be the hero then? There could be another player, even though everyone: Google and its competitors are praying it ain’t so. Now that Yahoo and MS have had enough time to observe, they can formulate a plan. But Google is not a hantavirus that took people by surprise. It is an organic form of mutant stem cells. It is not going to stick to the forecast.

Now, as much as I don’t want to change my browser, my search engine, my operating system, my maps application or all the free stuff that I have beefed  up my laptop with; I don’t think I will shy away from a really good product. Well here I am, a walking talking promoter of [a Linux OS] Ubuntu (Canonical, you owe me!), but as I wait for [a Firefox app] SeaMonkey HTML Editor to download, I can’t wait to write my blog post on [an MS product] Windows Live Writer. I may love Ubuntu, want to get a room with Firefox and vouch by GIMP…but I still secretly want to see the one application of MS that doesn’t suck.

So I think instead of playing ego games and hoping that the next generation is theirs, the big guys should just concentrate on getting us better products. It will definitely sell (ouch! whiplash.) I meant, it will definitely get downloaded. Word of mouth will save you, not great brand names. It isn’t the 1990s anymore. The monarchy was upturned and we are not going to let someone else (even if it may be Google) do that to us again.

Until then,



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