Long time in the making

I am sure it was a sad sweet day yesterday when people started trying to pledge for charities based on the number of twitter followers they had. Most of us would be outsiders to twitter and looking in, we would find an odd concept of writing out status messages every day or even every hour for some. Now the perception of twitter is very different and more defined than it was 2 years ago. It could have gone in many directions of which the ashton kutcher and CNN fight is one. But I don’t have the privilege to see it unbiased from an outside perspective. After a certain marketing webinar I joined twitter only to see that my 1000+ address book had no takers. It was a different time. I followed some famous twitterers, the people who conducted the webinar and one or two Indians who represented news channels.

My personal network never grew on twitter mostly because I could not convince anyone to microblog. But I also did not want too many followings lest it clutter my space. So, I have kept it at around 50, which is a very very low number to be following. My professional network has a total of around 500 people though and that is well connected for a business my size. But even with the tiny personal network, only 4-5 are friends. The others are celebrities and actors who I want to track. Well, when in Hollywood…

So when the internet is rife with theories of twitter dying out or twit-exhaustion, I feel like the cheerleaders have started watching star trek and encroached into the territory of the geeks. Once it was ubersocial to twitter and now it is the new thing everyone is doing. Its just like recycling or going green. It becomes effective only once it has become the latest fad.

The founders of twitter probably worked harder to convince their parents, girlfriends, roommates, landlords and creditors about the reasons twitter would become a world leader in so-ne-mark; much more than what is required to convert someone today. Yesterday alone, thousands of people joined twitter just to be with ashton, demi moore, ellen and oprah. Hope the fad doesn’t fade away. I love it even though it isn’t a geek speciality anymore. Please twitter and be my ‘tw’in (Courtesy of ‘tw’in: Miley Cyrus)
My handle is: aynaval


2 thoughts on “Long time in the making

  1. That is the main reason why i don’t tweet. It’s a fad… even when it was a geek speciality.. it was still just that… The whole concept of micro blogging… where to stay alive, you’ve got to keep posting statuses by the hour.. is just a passing phase.. facebook’s statuses have it going for it at the moment because of the other stuff to do on facebook.. ok ok..it’s just another way of feeling ‘good’ about oneself… but it’s got more longevity in it’s concept than twitter. Twitter would make sense if news channels gathered news based on tweets… but till then..the human race is far to lazy to keep posting status updates by the hour when the fad dies down…

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