What is it with mops?

What is the bleddy fascination of the world with mops? Is it an abbreviation to some famous club or association that I don’t know? Or is everyone just crazy about knowing more about mops. Because mops is the only search term that directs so many people to my blog everyday. So let me clarify: I do not write about mops. I did use the analogy in one post about women, which is another popular search word. Understanding marriage and your wife beat Vagina monologues this week. I am guessing there are more married people in the world. Or probably they realized that my post on the vaginical monologues was a single photo of a guy puking.

So, based on the statistics, there are married men who are dying the understand their wives and wives who are dying to fidn a good mop. I should so hook up my account with Google Adsense…many mops, my friend, will be sold. Also, a good affiliate, mail order brides.

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