My Boys and My Girl

Last year, My Boys Season 2 aired and I was obviously hooked. Finally all tomboys had a role model. It was like the TV Universe was telling us that it was OK to be a tomboy. And then there was the love lorn group of singles living in a big city. The perfect recipe for an addicting sitcom. Now they are coming back with Season 3 in April and I just feel it is so unfair. They stop every season with an aching unclear suspense. And now they wait for me to go on vacation to air it. I CAN view it on, but they don’t always put up all the episodes. Generally anything you want to see in this country, you can walk 5 minutes and reach a DVD shop, order it online, take it from your library, order it on your TV or just watch it online on the channel’s website. Nothing is beyond reach. All sitcom cravings can be met. You can even watch the shooting of Desperate Housewives in LA. But what do you do when it is shot elsewhere and it takes its own sweet time to air.

Ok, I know she is HOT, but she is a tomboy, believe me! You watch it

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