Kawasaki, Scoble and Dunay…I am honoured…but…

At first my friend urged me to blog. He pained me till I started my own. Like everything else, it grew on me. Those were the crazy days of limited internet connection, limited blog themes and absolutely no concept of naming your blog after anything but you…it was an extension of the “home page” that I had in college. People did not know what a blog was. So saying check out my blog would involve a ‘detailed history, definition and evolution of blogs’ discussion.


Then somewhere along the line, relatives and friends started checking it out. Politically incorrect statements and extremely personal ones vanished immediately. People then kept in touch with you through the blog.


Cut to the present. Now I feel like a corporate blog. I cannot crib about anything. Not my personal life (parents may get worried), not my professional life (client’s may get the wrong idea) and I cannot even crib about America anymore (‘Cos Guy Kawasaki, Paul Dunay and Robert Scoble are following me on Twitter, Facebook or Friendfeed). The world is shrinking fast and my neck is the mouth of the pouch on which this draw string is attached.


But, loyal readers, I shall continue to entertain (or disgust) you with stuff ranging from mindless drivel to thought provoking profound stuff….as long as it has some faint stain of humour…or should I say ‘humor’ 🙂




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