Delhi 6 awards


Its awards season and here are some of my own:

Best Editing – P.S. Bharti for not doing more of his job
Best Technology – Motherboard on Kaala Bandar
Best Costume – Ketaki Phatak for Kaala Bandar
Best Supporting Actor – Kaala Bandar again (Bravo!)
Best Supporting Actress – Masakali, for the freakish plummage. Haven’t you heard of molting?
Best Action – Prem Chopra for peeing on the street and slapping his wife
Best Actress in a Comic Role – Sonam Kapoor for the eternal smirk. (What’s so funny?)
Best Actor – Cyrus Sahukar…uh, wasn’t he the only MAN in the movie?
Most genuine statement – ‘India works. its people make it work.’ Well, DUH-mocracy dude.

Why oh Why, did two established Bollywood actors not teach their own child anything? Maybe it skips a generation.


One thought on “Delhi 6 awards

  1. Hi Lavanya,

    I had gone for a movie in a long time by chance and it happened to delhi 6…and i did like it…the underlying satire presented interspersed with humour…

    Its always Mumbai that gets bashed and for a change it was Delhi and i could see my gurgaon days and what delhi is in this movie…

    By the way good luck for your edu boutique

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