Palm Srings – Where recession takes a vacation

Now, I know they cannot make that their official punch line, but it may as well be. As we left LA to get to Riverside county, things started slowing down. It was like entering a radiant star-studded black hole. Time slowed down, thoughts slowed down; even the Blackberry slowed down (It needed a vacation). Now Palm Springs is the golf destination and so we went putting and teeing off. Once we had enough of bending and twisting, we jacuzzied our backs back to shape. We took a 360 degree rotating tram up 8500 ft to see real snowfall. We played snow ball fights and I soaked my DKNY shoes in a foot of snow. We visited Bing Crosby Restaurant…visited, because every place had reservations. Valentine’s weekend, what can you expect! But the overall experience was like Botox for the worry lines.

Things that you should should should do:
Stay at JW Marriot at Indian Wells or atleast go to their Golf Course
Make reservations at Bing Crosby’s restaurant
Eat at Bangkok Five…even if you are vegetarian
Don’t eat at Don Diego’s if you aren’t having the Fajitas (mmmmmmmm) and the Flan (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)
Check out the Agua Caliente Spa or any spa for that matter (Suggestions: Saturday Special at Aqua Serena at Hyatt, Indian Wells)
Take the Tram up to the mountains in the morning and come back in the evening…play in the snow if you live in Los Angeles or Florida.
Buy Dates…always confusing for single people to ask the concierge where to get dates…so ask for delicious dates instead.

Go to Palm Springs and see your tension melt away like the snow flakes on the tip of your nose.

Golf Course

Hotel Entrance

Any road in Palm Springs…see the snow capped mountains

I ain’t crazy about snow, but 5 minutes of it is ok, i guess!


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