The Terminal

My situation – It is like an old Americana movie, complete with the soundtrack and everything. Girl longs for the one she doesn’t have, while her “friend in need” has been in front of her all along. Finally, she realizes that the one she is longing for ain’t gonna come back and lo and behold she sees her man friday for all the goodness that he is.

So, it is quite evident that I am not coming back to India in January….mostly because it is February 1st as I write this. The renewed deadline was set to March and a lot of “When in March?” queries seemed to fly between India and Los Angeles. To this, I shall only say this – that charming prince called India ain’t anything but a distant dream now (at least a year away) and I should probably just fall into the arms of this prince who everyone (other than me till now) thought is extremely charming.

How did I get this epiphany? [Gossip mode engaged] So, the other day, I was watching the latest vlog from my Vedanta Page (look up, there is a tab that says Hollywood Sanyasi…that one). Yes, I like to reread/watch my posts and this one hit the spot. Especially since it was coming from myself, only 5 days younger. It said, think about your blessings and not just what you want. And then it came to me, like it had been there all along, staring me in the face, but I refused to look up. Instead I had been stubbornly looked at my toes and making myself miserable.

So, I opened my eyes today and decided to forget all the crapiness that surrounds me and look at the good things that USA has to offer. I shall look at my blessings and count them and thus be happy. But before I become that Lavanya, let me go on record and say – USA may be great in everything and beyond, but it’ll never even come close to being home. It is a waiting lounge for me and everyday I feel like Tom Hanks in The Terminal. So now, I am going to get some building material, some retained goods from customs and some stow aways from baggage claim and create the most wonderful collage.

So, the list begins here:


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