Google you

What’s Google?
How many ‘o’s in that new search engine?
May be we should Google it
I googled it
Googlaaya Namaha
Google can do that too?
It’s on Google
I’ll sell this to Google
Man, Google can do everything
What is…..? Google it.
Uh…. Lemme Google it.
Soon, we’ll want to Google and see what we are thinking.

While it is wonderful that sitting in the car, driving down Hollywood Boulevard, we can Google who that guy in the limo is; but curiosity scarily is everywhere and so is information. No one has any information stored in their heads any more. We don’t even want to remember website names. With a few related words, it will come up as the first result on Google search, so why bother remembering. People do not have the patience to answer questions anymore. Hey, is there a seat belt rule for passengers in California? Not sure,why don’t you Google it? Sometimes in social situations when I am suposed to make polite conversation, I wish Google wasn”t there. Now I can’t ask anybody anything, unless it is about their life and if I knew enough then I wouldn’t be making polite conversation anyways. Soon, I am sure people will want you to check out their blogspot instead of asking them personal questions. You wouldn’t be able to ask someone if they are married or single in a bar. That would be rude. You see a woman in the bar, get her name, orkut her, check her relationship status and THEN, hit on her.

Post ends abruptly before I predict Google takes over the world. I don’t want to be known as a squeal. I want to be in the good books, if you know what I mean.



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