India Dreams

As I get more and more home sick, all the unpleasant aspects of India seem to be gone from my mind. I have quite forgotten the pollution, viral infections every week and the corruption of government officers. Yup, don’t remember them. I don’t look forward to one day returning to slushy rains, smoke filled auto rides and the quiet desperation of not being able to buy dolce de leche ice cream. Instead, all I think of when the sun goes down and the evening hunger (for chat) takes over, is sinking my teeth into a vada pav, dabeli, bread pakoda or dabbing a piece of amul-buttery pav in cheese pav bhaji. I want.

The ability to buy saturated fat; the availability of sesame oil in every store, the taste of home made dahi. I want.

The natural skin care products in the kitchen, grandmother’s advice on haircare, the herbal tonic to stop sun damage. I want.

I want all that I cannot have here. If and when I return to India, I’ll have a different list. I “should” be thankful for what I have ad count my blessings…but hey! Where’s the fun in that?


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