The Haunted

I am a hopeless nostalgic. I get the ‘Ah-those-were-the-days-feeling’ for anything. I see TV commercials and there’s the Verizon guy taking down his holiday lighting and the Taco Bell Cordita crunch and I think, ‘Awww…these were among the first ads I saw when I came to US’. So if I ca fall for ads, what about 7 year old stuff? To be specific – my MDI days. Now everyone remembers their BSchool days fondly I am sure, but I have more memories than required. No, they aren’t even memories…they are hauntings. ..and I’ll tell you why.

Now at MDI, I spent most of my time in the dorms, acad block and the computer centre. The least possible amount of time any student could have spent would be in the admin block and the library…well, students like me.

But, these hauntings are from those places I rarely visited and have no significance to them: the stairways to the professors’ cabins, the mini garden outside the canteen, the greens near the rear entrance, the tiny passage between the auditorium and the canteen, one of the arches surrounding the library, the dusty second floor above the computer centre with FP computer labs and the pavement of the NMP hostel.

These places swim constantly in the undercurrent of my subconsciousness….if I stop to think of them, they strike me as absurd…but they are always there, floating, like a cloud that is too close for comfort. In 5 years, I haven’t been to MDI and everyone says a lot has changed. I always thought that if I go back and see those places, I may give a tangible nature to my thoughts and they will stop haunting me. But today I was looking at some photos of the campus and some of the places were gone….they weren’t the same anymore. Maybe when they got repaved, renovated and rebuilt, these places turned into their ghosts and now live only in my memory.


One thought on “The Haunted

  1. dont make me cry gurl..MDI haunts me toooo..the CC….the mess….the lawns…the Jhaji pattices…the terrible coffee from canteen…taking hajaar walks on the roads….your loud fan whirring away …. .running to acad block on freezing morns …..
    they all come back in bits and pieces…at most unexpected times

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