Swim in the pool

“30 years later, you will remember these sessions and think these were the good old days”, he said with a sparkle in his wise eyes. Did he know I am already 28? They all look at me like I am a babe in the woods. But Vedanta is not for old people alone…Vedanta is not a new fad…and Vedanta is definitely not new to me.

I remember having such discussions with my dad over dinner or breakfast much to the chagrin of my mom.

I remember, so vividly, those late evenings after Sanskrit tuitions, spent at Shankar Math, listening to lectures and stories.

I remember, the feeling of elation during a lecture which was part of my BSchool induction week

I remember, the strength of my tears, as they washed away my pain and suffering on that fateful day, in the middle of a packed Shanmukhananda hall – a result of the preaching of an otherwise jolly Sukhabodhananda.

I remember the many nights I slept to the voice of Jaya Row explaining human behaviour.

All the principles, all the dictums and all the things that are said in Vedanta ring true to me. If I were to envision a new spiritual theme, it would be so close to Vedanta that the Vedanta guys would sue me for plagiarism. It is that much a part of me – the knowledge; not the practice.

A very wise person once said that all the knowledge we need is right here within ourselves and we are the only ones keeping it from us. (Actually, I said that.) Anyways, shrinks definitely cashed in on that one and made a lot of money asking us why we feel the way we tell them we feel. At the end of the day, all this is about self awareness. Just as someone may call me clueless about clothes, make up and almost every other thing that a Bombay girl would know about; most of us are clueless about bigger things and our self is high on that list. Meditation on God is just a way of concentrating. The art of concentrating our energy on something can bring about great results. Meditation, centering, aligning chakras, pranayam – all extensions of a very simple idea: ‘Focus.’

I went on intent.com yesterday and intended on starting Vedanta classes. But the practice is what will set these ‘good old’ days apart from the very many days that I had the knowledge. 28 years of knowledge. 0 days of practice. What a horrendous waste. But, on the positive side, at least I am not waiting for my pension cheque to start reading the books.

SA, If you are reading, I am going swimming in the pool.

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