Wondering where that funny status message went?

GTalk is an amazing tool. We all know that. And the people who developed it are immensely gifted. I think the very fact that they allowed hyperlinks on their status message box is an indication that hyperlinks can be used. When I started pointing the status messages to my blog posts, there was no one else on my list who did that. I was quite sure world over there would be many many people using it as a tweet board for blog posts. But I started getting disappointed when people would read my message and ask what I meant by it. And then I had to tell them, ‘Click on the link’. Then I added prefixes like Click here, Read more, Wanna read more and other random link pushers. The confusion stopped for some time.

Then I started a section in my blog called Lavanya’s Laws of Logic. So I started putting my quotes as my status messages. Now, that everyone is familiar with…because most people have quites in there. But the questions have restarted. People who are so-close-to-me-its-paralyzing started asking, ‘Hey, where is the post about McCain or Halloween?’
Well, dear readers, those quotes come from the section-Lavanya’s Laws of Logic, which is essentially a tab in my blog. You can find it above the Hollywood Sign. I like some of them and since I am known for my analogies (I am not saying anyone found them good), I particularly like those. So look up and hook up. (I told ya!)


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