Death Race


The text below is a reflection of the absence of life in a form we know. It does not promote suicide. It is bad enough that in death, one leaves their near and dear ones in the pits of sorrow. There is no way they should be made to feel anguish and sorrow because someone so close killed themselves. The following text is only a form of coping.



Life is a race towards death. Everyday we are running faster towards that goal. When we run, we run it like a marathon with our spouse, relatives, closest friends, work buddies and people who support our favourite causes.  We hear from the announcers of the guys who finished first and even though we are a bit sad, it doesn’t affect us as much. Because the competition within our running group is intense. Each wants to outdo the other. So when someone from our group reaches the finish line, we are very unhappy. We wish we could have beaten them to it. We want to be first to reach the deadline. Wonder why it is called that.



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