The Earth is not enough

Google Maps – the website I use most.   
Google Earth – the app I use most.         
It is in the quiet moments of staring into the heating vent of a quaint building in Memphis that I realize how wonderfully locked up life can be.
These are the same things I looked at one year ago when I was physically in India and mentally in USA. I had buddies on Twitter who lived in San Fran and I never imagined I’ll be closer to them than I already was. I was right, because I am not closer in any sense. If anything, I am farther away.   

I live in a world that is one world away, it’s a universe that is divided by that ominous looking dotted line slashed across territories. While last year I googled for Park La Brea in Los Angeles, now I am caught mapping our house in Chennai. Its a little like what Zig Ziglar says in this motivational Video 3 of 3. And while in Google Earth, its fun to keep zipping from old house to new half way across the world with the Earth rotating instantly; on Google Maps, it just tells you that such a distance cannot be calculated. That is probably the highest level of cruelty a website can subject one to.       

Internet has (and Google is a major contributor) given me a second lease of life that doesn’t have any contact with the real world. And you know me…fleeing from the real world is one of my hobbies and the internet has effectively placed me in a bubble. So I can transport myself to different continents, but I’ll still be in my bubble. It’s MY time travel machine…without the time part.        

There were these articles written in magazines that told us as we grew up that computers are replacing human contact. Of course, for me, it was something that enhanced human contact:, google maps and BUT, like all devilish things, it snuck up behind me and took over when I wasn’t looking. Of course, now that I have identified the irony, I shall try to change it. Unfortunately, I cannot open my doors and say, “Here I come world”, because all well laid plans go to dust when the sun rises.       

So, may be slowly, I shall try poking little holes in my giant bubble. When the bubble finally defuses, I believe the all-essential Dell laptop (that is a ubiquitous part of the image of the bubble) will turn in to my O2 😉   

Ha ha, almost made you think I was serious.

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One thought on “The Earth is not enough

  1. hey lavanya,

    came across ur blog luckily and enjoyed reading it!
    this blog of urs shares some of my experiences too.. we are all always eager to go/ see/ live in other places.. other than t one we r currently living in! t bubble always keeps floating and i am sure there is one bubble for each person!

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