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My blog posts have become difficult to understand I hear. It is probably due to lower blood sugar levels. It is amazing how I am a classic case for high sugar levels and yet don’t have to feel the need of reducing sugar intake. I guess it’s because before you are 30, you can do anything. They are the free years. So a few months back, standing at the altar of Didi-Reese’s ice cream shop, I decided to give up eating ice cream. There it was, the best ice cream shop in the world and I guessed, what better time to give it up. People smiled. Even people who didn’t know me too well smiled. Because the first thing you will notice about Lavanya when you go for lunch or dinner is how the dessert section is the main course. While working in rural India with MART, all the project managers had a special budget quota for lunch and dinner and to accommodate my ice cream. It didn’t matter which brand or flavour (except coffee, yuck!), I had it all. It was sweet and cold and it somehow beat chocolate fair and square. I could not imagine a more perfect food. It always relieved my afternoon and 6pm hunger pangs (Fatal, I know.) But then it became something that I had never had: a food addiction.

Of course, 7 kilos later, in the fatty land of the USA, I realized that this addiction is bad because I hadn’t found a dentist. And a dentist is the LAST person I want to meet in this place. I have after 27 years of searching made peace with the painless Ashok Mehta in the back lane of my Matunga house and I pray he lives long. Actually with the amount he charges, he can buy a few hearts and keep ticking for eternity. Also, I must mention, Dr. H.R. Kamdar is always in my prayers. May God give him a long healthy life, that definitely outspans mine. But make it such that I also live a long healthy life. But, I digress. So, I decided to give up ice cream. Now giving up something like cigarettes is ok…everyone is helping you, telling you how bad it is, people cough annoyingly to make you realize that you are killing them and it’s not like it tastes like Dulche De Leche. But ice cream with its universal appeal, harmlessness and people actually goading you to try their flavour makes it very difficult to give up. So there was only one way out: Facebook Therapy. This is how it works:

Find out what you want to do:

  • Go without ice-cream (Substitute your addiction in place of ice-cream)
  • Lose a few pounds
  • Finish a project
  • Read a certain number of books, etc,

Now, go to your Facebook profile and input your status message on Day 1.

Update this message every 48 hours or so. So, you can update your status as ’16 days without ice cream’.
This should be done for either 21 days or till you don’t buckle every time you see the ice cream truck.
Once it becomes a habit, you can have another Status campaign to outgrow it 🙂

How Facebook helps is that it is an invisible, yet very active community of your friends and family. If the commitment is made to oneself, it is easier to give in. But when you have your new boss or best friend reading it, you may feel a little hesitant to go back on your promise. One doesn’t have to make a big show of what they are doing, just a silent status message that serves as a reminder and a progress tracker.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Therapy

  1. i just had one of the yummiest whiskey-creme’s ever…. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..

    we’ve got a vending machine for icecreams out here in office standing right next to a coffee and chocolate vending machine.. and in the far corner is a softdrink/juice machine…

    given a nintendo Wii and a foosball table, i am considering shifting my desk near Heaven 🙂 … i spend most of my working hours there 😀 ..i am sure to get deported soon

  2. I know what you are trying to do Axay…i know it…but i am not tempted. also, may i suggest writing out your chocolicious tales in detail so u can read them when u cant do such things. i just enjoyed every chocolate and ice cream known to man and havent commemorated it properly. it needs to be, do it the honour. then when u have checked into a clinic in beverly hills for liposuction, we can oublish the ‘Dessertlogues’ and pay for it 😉

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