I donated a cup of rice

Ever felt ultra bored in office and wandered aimlessly around the internet, checking email, facebook and orkut? Ever play those games just to fill time? Well, I haven’t been bored in an office, but I have played the Friends Trivia game on Facebook, gotten addicted to it and become somewhat of a reckoning force too. It didn’t benefit anyone of course. I heard of Freerice a few months ago and decided to give it a try. I played games involving 2nd grade Math, complicated English (for me), impossible Geography and easy Spanish and donated a cup of rice. Now I know a few more words in Spanish, my Math is the best as usual, I am as usual terrified of GMAT level vocab and I know some capitals of countries which I would have to look up on Google Earth. It benefited me of course, but in the 30 minutes that I played the game and it would take to cook rice, I made a cup for someone else.

Now ofcourse I will have people tell me it is a hoax and the rice never gets anywhere, but I choose not to live in Cynicity. Hey, may be I’ll work with the UN. Or I’ll make small changes where I can see them. Or maybe I’ll go to San Salvador and help in rural areas 😉 How I would love that, but I don’t know much Spanish…maybe I’ll go collect some more grains.

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