Tribute to Chica

If there is a doggie heaven, there is no doubt that Chica will be there. Chica was our office dog. She was a big black dog with a child’s enthusiasm. Everytime I would show up at the door, she would bark and follow me to my seat. She did that for everyone, whether she knew them or not. It was her welcome. I have never had a dog or played with one much. Chica was a chance for me to know dogs and play with them. Chica was tall enough to reach my lap and would always huff on me after drinking water. So as a precaution, I would rest my hands on the desk, to avoid getting sprayed. Everytime I would want to get up, I would have to slide the chair back slowly as Chica would be curled up below it. One small move and she would spring up and bound away. I guess she liked the warmth. The best thing was that every day when I closed the door after me Chica would be the last thing I saw and I would say to a pondering Chica, ‘Bye Chica ‘  

Today when I went in, no dog barked; no dog followed me to the seat and no dog sat curled below my chair. Most of all, the space below the coffee table where Chica took her afternoon nap is empty and I cannot say my good-bye to her today.


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