Have you ever had a ‘Ohhh! I see…’ moment? Probably not. Because you either know everything about everything or (more likely) you are too proud to admit that something like a oh-I-see moment could still be happening to you. So I wasn’t too thrilled to have such a moment cast upon me as I was combing my hair, and looking into the mirror for white hair. It isn’t pretty to feel old, but it is definitely worse to feel old and foolish in the same moment, like 2 bad dips on a chip that you didn’t want in the first place.

It all started with a year long spate of bad health in Mumbai. I had all possible viral infections and health issues. I had given up on health completely. You know the feeling when you are restless but asked to take bed rest and you think, ‘If only I were healthy, I would be doing this and that…’. Well, let us just say I had like a 100 of them. Then I remembered, beyond the marital bliss and material world smoothie that I was whipping up for myself; that there is a God afterall. And I had one of the I-am-so-stupid moments that are less offensive than the oh-I-see moments because stupidity is a given in me and all my friends (ha!). And while the stupidity is very regularly verified by others and thus loses its pinch; the oh-I-sees are engulfed in a time and space brake; where the mind goes temporarily numb, the oh-I-see sets in, then there is a plain clear shot of the path of life and then things settle down to normal. It is like someone took you out of the road that you were sprawled on and showed you Google Earth. Perspective like that can be very very I-am-stupid to the power of I-am-stupid ing.

Ok, now that that is clear, let me tell you how I handled the sudden remembrance of God. I prayed at every temple I went to and I only prayed for good health. It was one of those foolish moments you think, ‘If only I had this, I can have everything.’ so I prayed and prayed. Soon after I started praying, we planned to come to US. After coming here, I have fallen ill only once. So just as I was thinking about all that, I had the moment. It seemed so simple now. There was no way He could make Mumbai less polluted, so he just shipped me out. Yes, my jaw dropped too. Oh, but yours probably just dropped at a I-am-so-stupid-I-read-this-

post kinda moment. Moral of the story: be careful what you wish for….He is always eavesdropping.

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