America I Likes…Maybe

After a lot of resistance and persuasion, I have decided to give USA a chance. I don’t particularly like it, but I am going to appreciate it from now on. The reason: if you are anyways getting raped, you may as well sit back and enjoy it. (It is sick, I know!) A guy once introduced me to this saying. I thought, ‘What kind of a person could say such a thing!’ But like they say, USA does things to people.


I am going to be open about the possibility of liking or even falling in love with it without anything holding me back. This is what my therapist, Dr. Yokantri Istufa’Whey thinks. She feels that I am purposely holding on to India and not allowing everyone’s favourite America to enter my heart because I am scared I may like it and then not want to go back, something that I have principally been against all my life. She is good, no!


So in my sessions with her, I have been writing down the things I hate about USA.


A little too much capitalism




No safety

Far flung places

And the ominously missing ‘Dahi’.


Apparently, many people who are Americans too have the same feelings (except for Dahi, of course..that is my south indianness showing) and concerns. There is a small group of people who cause the above problems and the rest of the country is engaged in protesting, fighting, rallying and feeling that it is all out of fashion.


That is when I realised that USA is no different than India where no one is too pleased and everyone is cribbing about everything. Aaaahh! I feel at home now.



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