Not for the ladylike

My motivation to blog had almost died because WordPress informed me that people came to my blog searching for keywords like vomiting, vagina and Kareena Kapoor in that order. The disturbing thing is that this is not what my blog is about. The word vomiting is only used as a keyword in a blog that has the title Vagina Monologues. In my defense the entry has nothing but the photo of a man belching. Also the mention of Kareena Kapoor is usually to say that she is generally ugly, horse-faced and I am surprised she acted well in one movie.

So, shame on Google I must say. But then again, I want to believe that people searching for vomiting vaginas are not smart enough to know that my blog may not have details of pre and post natal care. While I doubt it can be construed as unladylike to say such words, I happen to know (also from WordPress) that no relative or close family friend of my parents reads my blog.

Statistics can be addicting which could explain my husband’s fascination with his work. Analysing them can take up all the sane time one has and that is when I discontinued Google Analytics and stuck to WordPress stats. Now it may not show the geographical spread of my readers, but its a cool enough tool. Afterall, who needs to know where the readers came from…I already know that! From vagina.


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