Unbearable Love

There are tree things I cannot live without:

Chocolate, Ice-cream and Calf – because they are all very sweet


There is such a thing as unbearable love. We all feel it in short bursts. And one doesn’t need to be in a relationship to feel these-

  • It could be just a song that makes you want to cry, sing, laugh and just die.
  • It could be a close relative’s child with her innocent smile and big eyes and unlimited mirth.
  • It could be your best friend from school moving back into town and wanting to catch up.
  • It could be a house that you saw for sale which had big windows and enormous closets.


That flash you get of high intensity –  even thinking of it makes you happy. Now imagine if you get those flashes all the time for 10 hours a day. Will it be possible not to be happy? Everyone should fall in love: it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.



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