Very happy in my heart dil yeh dance mare re

You know these flop Yash Raj movies that feature super-thin actors and great location-based songs? Well, notice how they flop at home but are said to be money-rakers in the ‘overseas’ market? And you wonder, ‘how home sick are these guys?’

Ok, I am the ‘overseas’ and I’ll tell you why these films make money here:

  •  Now, we call home pretty often. Everyone with parents in India calls almost everyday. We stay on top of politics, cricket and weather. Everyday food preparations are discussed in painful details. Shopping expeditions are enumerated and justified. But, Yash Raj movies do not find themselves in the conversation. Thus, we have to believe other sources.
  • For an Indian overseas, Indian restaurants, Indian channels, and Indian newspapers could be the only source of information about entertainment. All these sources are controlled by Kareena Kapoor.
  • Sure, we could have Indian friends who could warn us of such movies, word of mouth being very important as far as KK goes. But, we live in a city with few Indians and we don’t live in the Indian community.
  • Over time, Indian film makers have realized that Indians abroad are suckers for any kind of entertainment as long as it is in Hindi. So they target lone Indians like us, who are not part of a well protected community and thus fall prey to such marketing gimmicks.

When we reached the theatre, I had the distinct feeling I had been there. But I was just thinking of a theatre in Madurai. 4 people saw the movie that day. Only 4, in a theatre made for 100. And I am ashamed to say that I was part of the ‘overseas’ collection. I was tricked…I may be a sucker for anything Hindi; but this movie was in Kinglish. (Kanpuria English). And main agree nahi hoon.

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