The weekendish week

Weekends are usually time for cleaning (sometimes that is a priority, refer to previous blog post), eating out, seeing movies, meeting friends, catching up with relatives and paying bills. My weekend this week started from Wednesday. As I was not feeling quite well, I started on the movies routine early on. A wise lady oncce said that the only good thing about falling ill is the surplus TV watching. But TV in America is all restricted in America (I really dont want to pay to see movies that I saw for free on HBO in India). So when I saw that there were reruns and more of them, I decided to go online. And when online, you need not restrict yourself to English programs. It all started with the highly recommended Filmfare Awards on Youtube. That led to a repeat viewing of Jab We Met. Bebo has a good grip over Bollywood I guess. How else would you explain me watching her almost 4 days in a row in different roles. As I sit on this fine Staurday morning I have been subjected to Bebo’s career path through songs on Namaste America (as I said I have no choice). But even if I did like on Youtube, I guess you will be carpet bombed by Bebo. OMG, ‘Its rocking’ is playing…where’s the remote. Not even the worst home sickness is worth this.

Once I got all nostalgic about home and all, I naturally gravitated towards Tamil movies. Notice the use of the word gravitate: used usually to denote a downward sucking power. I saw some Tamil movies that I could have killed for at Meenaxi Bazar at Madurai. But they were just being released at that time and all I got were small snippets of songs and trivia from my field colleagues in rural Tamil Nadu. But I saw them all (well, I am paying 40$ per month for such luxuries, so I better). And I realised that all Tamil movies that make it big are about:
A criminal minded / extremely eligible for police hero (so that he can beat up people)
A BA student heroine (so she can do house-holding full time)
Some community don (who gets the beating)
The girl and guy have few scenes and more songs together and of course the teasing/killing/spoiling (I dont like to use bad language in my posts) of the heroine which makes the hero kill the villian. Seriosuly people, I think we are ready for non-Ramayana movies. Yet, the actors’ love is so basic to the storyline that it is almost a given.

Maybe they should start like all Hindi movies start now. Actor No. 1: Yeh hai actor. Actor No. 2: Yeh hai heroine. Actor No. 3: Yeh hai villian. And all this in Irfan Khan’s deep and soulful voice. They cut right to the chase. No boring father telling daughter in first scene: ‘After your mother passed away in 1984, I have spoilt you with toys and cars.’ And the ominous ‘Tum toh jante ho’…type of dialogues with friends and family members. Seriously, who has such conversations daily? Who recounts their long lost tragedies every time they meet their friends? And if they do, may be that’s why their wives hung themselves.

Now it is the PM addressing us….India and Mexico are forging ties…why not? after all, they also have rajma chaval and kulfi ice cream. Also they are brown, they have sun and they talk fast. No wonder California does not feel alien to me. Oye! Chak De India…Oops! End of nostalgia.

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