Compulsiveness is over-rated.

As I clean my kitchen platform and sigh as a long day comes to an end, I happen to catch a glance of my living room. Everything looks neat and tidy and in place. Despite what most guys feel, there is some calm in a clean room. I wonder how many hours it will be before I would have to tidy it up again. Oh wait! I know…24. I made it a point when I shifted to my new house that I shall wash the dishes everyday, clean the coffee tale of debris collected through the day and do other genera house maintenance every day after food. Well, some days are better than others. Some days I go to sleep cursing that I have to run the dishwasher at half capacity. Some days I sleep off and I am so tired I can actually hear Deepak say that he will help in the future.

But as I see the tidy calm around me, I notice him sitting in a pool of office papers and computer wires working away on the next huge strategy in the analytics industry. That is my ‘daag on the chand’, my ‘kala teeka’, my own ‘drishti pariharam’. And then this ominous thought crosses my head, ‘Am I being compulsive?’ I envy the way guys can work in a mess…but I would probably just mope around and make a bigger mess if I didn’t have a clean slate to begin with. So how am I any better than Adrian Monk. Ok, I have better hair.


What is the big deal about compulsive anyway. It is just wanting to complete something that you have started satisfactorily. We have a zillion options and choices at our face. We don’t have 1 Doordarshan channel or 1 fair-cum-exhibition per year. Just start the day with breakfast and we have 15 types of bread to choose from. And I am not even going to start about the number of brands in each. From the time we choose to swat that alarm clock till we reset it; we make gazillion choices and many of them at the cost of another. We can have anything we want anytime we want. At such a dizzying pace, I am surprised that we even reach office to do the same work everyday (when I saw ‘we’, I mean ‘you’ in this case). I guess if we weren’t a little compulsive, we would be in the Bahamas instead of office – just because we saw an ad of it on the way to office.


In today’s world, you have to be compulsive to get anything done. If you want to do a course at a time when your job is in a great place, you need to be driven…yes. But to withstand peer pressure, expectations and bosses who don’t understand, you need to be compulsive. If you want to learn German knowing fully well you never intend to talk to a German, you need to be compulsive. And if you want to work in a natural history museum’s lab even though you never did and never will study anthropology, zoology, palaeontology or even biology; you need to be compulsive.


In this land of dreams, if you want to stand out, you have to stick it out. But I am not compulsive…because I am quitting the museum.



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One thought on “Compulsiveness is over-rated.

  1. he he… I can see that u r trying to justify ur penchant for order…

    by the way, ur hair is better than Mr.Monk precisely because there is not much of it on his head 🙂

    and the rest of the part is not about compulsion…it is simply that if we are not compulsive, a few things will go wrong… like being kicked out of a job, like being thrown out by the landlord/landlady for keeping the house like a pigsty, having to give a goddamn boring exam again, no tv for not paying bills, and the whole compulsiveness is just another rationalization for the rod 🙂

    and yes, whether u accept it or not, what appears to u as the mess which poor guys like me make while working is actually another form of maintaining order…. the order of being disorderly.he he….


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