In this big refugee camp called USA

In this big refugee camp called America, there are people white, yellow, brown and black. Over centuries people came to the Americas to escape religious persecution, caste system and to be free. And the freedom is exhilarating even though I didn’t need much freedom in the first place. It is all about choosing not to do something that makes America great for me in my great escape from certain traditions. But it is true for me because I am here for a year. For people who have to make this country their home, it is as restricted and narrow-minded as any other place on earth. I have the freedom because I am only an exhalted tourist….and tourists can be crazy. The thing I will miss most about America is that I can be my own crazy wonderful self without anyone judging me. In India though many have agreed that I am crazy and weird in the sweetest way possible; I have always felt out of place. Here, the population of crazies is so high that my craziness gets blended in as sub-normal. And who doesn’t want to belong?


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