Bonus Pack of blog entries

Ok, I know…Jodha Akbar have been getting unnecessary web space on my status line for weeks now. I am guilty of having fun and not reporting it back to my loyal readers. So here is a bonus package that has the last month or so of the million thoughts that took birth in my mind while I was in the bus or in the loo and just got flushed down time.

So first it was Valentine’s Day and Deepak came to my museum to surprise me. And when I least expected t there was a sharp knock on the fish bowl museum’s glass door.  By then we had given up looking at rude tourists and bored school children who knock on the sound proof glass. But this knock was sharper and more confident than a wart-laden teenager who wanted to get our attention at any cost so that his trip to the museum of things dead and gone for 10000 years would not be all about dead things. Lookign up, to my greatest surprise, I saw Deepak beaming and asking me to come out. As I finished my work before lunch, he took these snaps (which I told him to take, but I do look like I am not interested)

The next weekend we took a two hour road trip and landed in San Diego: God created this one in leisure, I am sure. The first day, we went to the San Diego zoo (the one where they kept Marcel). Big place, many children. Public places which attract children in large numbers have these general characteristics: These are places where all the exhibits may not be worth seeing, you can carry outside food and save yourself from getting ripped and you have to watch out for three-in-one trolleys running all over your feet. But we are animal people (we are definitely not bird people as was proven by the fact that we scooted through the aviary so none of them would sit/shit on us with such speed, some onlookers thought we were giant birds ourselves). So, we liked what we saw. And we saw….

A tree hugger (being a Chipko movement supporter, I like these Koala bears)

Camels – the last time I saw these, I was walking in Jaipur trying to find a Professional Tutorials Branch.

I call this one Abhishek Bachchan – father’s odd height and mother’s looks, but neither’s talent – A mix of tall camel and stout deer.

Funny thing: In Tamil, deer is ‘Maan’, which when said in Marathi is neck. The neck just happens to be a very important part of the antelopes body as our Safari guide told us. It helps spot predators in the tall grass. More on ‘All languages came from Sanskrit; later.

And now for the climax. Think of this as a motion picture script when Walt Disney wanted to make Snow White. Flip the images below quickly in your mind and you will get a Polar Bear basking in the hot Californian Sun.

Now the polar bear needs some rest.

Then we came to the Hilton which we got for throw away prices – it is not luck, people: it is Priceline! God bless America! It was chilly and so we sat in the jacuzzi till we went dizzy and couldn’t walk straight. We got a room that faced a golf course and the sea (difficult not to face the sea there, it is everywhere) and spent the next morning on the patio.

And then we ended our trip by witnessing the most amazing sunset of all. The sun set on the horizon, but the sky was still bright for a long time. What was even more amazing is that the sun eclipsed on its right side, only lighting the left side with its orange gold rays.

We drove home – a home that would soon not be ours anymore. Cheers to that!



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