In the pits

Finally…my work is in the pits!

A month ago I visited to the Page Museum which is also called the Tar Pits Treasure: where all the fossils found in the tar pits are stored. As I saw the museum films, I wondered how wonderful it would be to work there. One month later, I have finally landed a job with the museum. My work, ladies and gentlemen is now officially in the pits 😉

I had promised myself that I wouldn’t blog till I get my life on track…so now I have 2 jobs and one another coming along and I finally know where this is going. Although the other jobs I have chosen are an extension of Workscool, the museum is a little off my usual work curve. So everytime I say ‘museum’, I get the right eyebrow shooting up reaction. Most people do not understand what an MBA in Marketing would do at a museum. So I thought I could clarify that by saying that ‘everything you do in your life need not be linked to your education, your long term goals or your what-I-want-to-be-when-I-grow-up speeches.

That being said, I have another job that is very similar to what I was doing in India, only with an accent now;) It is almost as if I have started Workscool here. So that covers the career side of my multi-faceted life.

I am also going to start a bhakti geet class for people who don’t worry about the theory of music and just want to sing well. What better way to sing than to know what you are singing and think about your inner God. Yes, I believe in this no matter how unorthodox I may come off as.

Apart from these, I am beautifying my house with hand made hemp crafts and paintings…a room with scattered paint brushes and a white canvas is all I have advanced so far but it still counts 🙂

And on weekends, we roam the cities (there are 5 of them within 15 minutes of each other) and eat out (out of habit rather than want) and see nice places.

We rent smooth looking cars…

This is Rodeo drive – the big brands from around the world.

This is the view from Griffith Park Observatory: you can see the whole city from here. Very few tall buildings – still breathtaking.

This is me waiting for a bus ride two blocks away from my work…almost looks like a village (maybe it is).

Well, what can I say? I am making quite an impression  😉


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