Yaar Yaar Sivam

I had a DVD of a movie for long, but I never got around to seeing it. The reason being on the cover was a picture of Kamal Hasan and Kiran in a romantic pose. I don’t like Kiran and even though after every Kamal movie, I am moved, I would not like to see an old Kamal romancing a young girl. Then my sister in law told me it is a fabulous movie and then I decided to see it. It started so simply and was not a breezy romantic tale afterall. Anything, but breezy. But the handling is so breezy. In this song, the most difficult of topics has been handled with so much ease and delicacy that the simplicity of the message leaves you stunned. It has since then become my prayer.    

Every religion has its own unique way of defining God. If the above mentioned was a named religion, I would have adopted it. Why not? It has the whole path to heaven charted out afterall. But it is not a religion. It is beyond that. And that is why one should adopt it. I urge you to see it:

Thanks to Karthic, we have the translation here

“Who here is God? You and me are God.
Life is a sacred test. Love is God

For the theists, God is love.
For the good among the atheists, Love is God.

Love is God, always….
Love is God, everywhere…

If the heart is made only of flesh, it can be eaten up by fire
If the heart is the tool for Love, it dodges death.

Who here is God? You ane me are God

For the one who follows the path of love, there is no death…
You will have a long lasting life if you have a loving heart…”


There is a simple truth that binds us and every once in a while we get glimpses of it. For that brief second, life is so clear and easy to understand that we wonder what we have been fretting about. And then the second passes and then we forget that brilliant simplicity and clarity in the muddy waters of the everyday mundane. But everytime truth plans to show itself to us, there is that familiar feeling of quiet peace that pervades all over us. Even if for only a second, it is worth it.      

If the principles we live on are based on simplicity, this frequency becomes higher and higher till there is, like an animated film with micro seconds of still photos running in presumed motion, just one continuous alertness. For me, this is that truth that I shall try to remember so that even without the unpredictable manifestations, I am able to finally live a continuum.

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One thought on “Yaar Yaar Sivam

  1. Hi Lavanya,
    I’m not a fan of kamal. But Anbe sivam is the best movie I have ever seen and that made me to translate the song. Even though it is not a very good translation, it conveys the meaning of the song. Happy to see you quoting my translation in your blog.

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