Where is the sun?

I was serious about global warming till I came to the US. What hapenned? I mean in between a hot India where temperatures were rising continuously and a cold US where temperatures are at an all time low, somewhere in the middle of this climate warp, global warming flew out of the window. Did we say so much and learn so much about  GW that we prevented it? I am surprised.
Is it possible that the hype of GW penetrated every single global warmer’s head so deeply that a collective stoppage of warming caused the earth to cool overall? I am confused.
Is this the state I came to knowing fully well that it is the warmest I can get in the US only to see it being so chilly all day long? I am angry.
Angry because I am paying tax for the sun. Yes, can you imagine if in India we were to pay weather tax,  what would be our disposable income?
Ah beautiful India: If you live in Shimla – the snow tax; in Chirapunji – the rain tax and in Bangalore – the ‘what-are-you-complaining-of-this-is-the-best-weather-in-India’ tax. But the worst would be in Mumbai – the ‘all-year-long-we-have-summer’ tax.
So while I was fuming over how I was needed to pay a premium for something
I took for granted all along; I realised that US should be paying its citizens for some things that were imposed on them. Do you know why these countries are so clean? They are not. It is just that their dirt is collated and stowed somewhere else unlike India. You cannot have dirt on the road if there is no way for a citizen to put it there. My recommendations to Obama have been that every citizen and tax payer get the following subsidies:
The ‘i-cannot-hang-my-clothes-out-of-the-window-and-thus-HAVE-to-pay-and-use-a-clothes-dryer’ subsidy
The ‘there-is-no-drain-big-enough-to-accomodate-my-cleaning-sprees-and-so-I-need-a-bigger-trash-chute’ subsidy
The ‘i-cant-fling-away-the-flint-on-my carpet-and-hence-have-to-use-a-vaccuum-cleaner’ subsidy
So I see huge savings in my home setting expenses if these subsidies are put in place. Let me give you a classic example of how problems are created only to be solved by the marketers here. We went shopping for some comforters (razai). We saw one that said ‘micro-fibre’ – it felt like the softest thing. We bought it. We failed though to see on the shelf right next to it a ‘flint-remover’ – a brush that would dust away the flint that the micro fibre razai would spew all over the house. And theres more – they have an offer – a combo offer: If you buy the razai, you get the flint remover for half the price.
Its the definition of marketing that got a little twisted: Instead of identifying and fulfilling needs; now they are concocted and fulfilled. Atleast they could have waited for Kotler to die before doing this.

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3 thoughts on “Where is the sun?

  1. flint remover for the microfiber! come on lady if my memory serves me rt…u shud get a flint remover for your bathrobe!!

    -Your Hubby

  2. i guess you missed the winter here this time.. it really got chilly..and chillier than b’lore or poona.. forget abt we’ve got summer all year long.. we had COLD weather for two weeks 😉

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