All play and no work makes Lavanya fat

I know what you are thinking…I have put on a little more weight…and I am not going to hide it

Even with those twisting exercises, the paunch gets bigger every day my friend!

You are in America where everyone is obsessing with slim figures and products that make you look this this

But, you know how it is….girl alone in a city where chocolates and ice cream are in abundance….INDULGE!

Oh by the way, this is my favourite bar in the whole world: it is the Disney’s Soda fountain at Hollywood. They seat you around like a bar and whip up ice creams, shakes, malts, soda and cheeeeeesy snacks. If only every bar in world would have mickey shaped bread and M&Ms in the place of nuts; I would be drunk all the time 😉

So after all this cream and chocolate has found its place in the crevices of my hips, you may no longer recognize me

And in the end, we may just end up as a nice well-rounded fat couple

The holidays, my friend, are over!

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2 thoughts on “All play and no work makes Lavanya fat

  1. finally.. a miracle.. someone we all thought couldn’t get fat… you just did.. welcome to nandan’s world.. and mine too 😀 ..

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