Labour Intensive USA

They say don’t wash dirty in public…but we totally did.

All the American serials will not get you ready for this. What do you do when you are in a hotel room for 10 days and all your clothes have been worn. Give them in the hotel laundry? No. Only in Dharmapuri near Bangalore have I ever given my clothes to a laundry for washing and ironing. The reason being the high cost of washing, drying and ironing clothes. This industry is so high priced that there is a lot of business sense in opening a laundry service. And even in a country like US where every apartment complex has machines in the basement for doing the same. The fact of the matter is it needs labour and time: both of which are not a thing the people of USA would like to use for mundane tasks.

All mundane tasks are taken care of very well: washing, cooking, cleaning, etc: all of which have take up the entire day of women in rural India for centuries. So anything that makes them work with their hands and time gets outsourced. If you thought cleaning and laundry were the most commonly outsourced, think again…I was looking at volunteering opportunities in the field of education and guess what tops the list: homework assistance. Yes! People need volunteers to help their kids do homework: check for homework, check for learning and supervise when homework is being done! It is not for the at-risk children or the homeless either: these are good households looking to outsource ANY kind of work that requires patience and time. That was a little sad.

Anyways, I am going to go to Hollywood Walk of Fame to pep myself up.

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